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IKO is the leading roofing manufacturer in the world. Residential and commercial shingles from IKO are popular worldwide and applied in thousands of projects.


IKO has head quarters in Canada and manufacturing centers in Canada, Europe, the USA, England, Belgium, Holland, France, and Slovakia.


IKO manufactures roofing products such as shingles, insulation, water proofing products, commercial roofing products, industrial flat roofs, roll roofing, green roofing, and so on.

Quality Standards

IKO believes in quality and innovation of its products. IKO products meet international and local quality standards for wind resistance, heat resistance, tear resistance, moisture resistance, algae resistance, impact resistance, and fire resistance.

Contractor Certification

IKO offers attractive certification for its contractors such as the IKO Shield Pro Plus programs. Contractors prefer IKO due to the training, continuity in materials, and technical support.


IKO won numerous awards for its service in the roofing industry including the Supplier of the Year award. Its innovative products such as the RoofViewer tool or the IKO Dynasty shingles has won IKO appreciation from customers worldwide.

Midwest Shingles

The Midwest region is exposed to extreme temperature year round. The snow and ice in the Midwest are some times higher than in Canada. We are also prone to hail and heavy snow on our roofs. The heavy snow and the ice dams are dangerous for the roof and the entire home as well. The moisture tends to make the shingles prone to algae and mold which will eventually start appear in the homes as well. The extreme contraction and expansion will damage the shingles. The shingles for the Midwest must be designed to resist high winds and temperatures.

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IKO Midwest shingles are manufactured to withstand such extreme weather. Most of the IKO shingles have Class 4 rating for impact resistance, Class A rating for fire resistance, Class F wind resistance for steep slopes, and so on. In addition, the IKO Midwest shingles are coated with granules and as a result the shingles have minimum granule loss. The algae resistant granules prevent the shingles from molding and thereby your roof is also protected.

IKO Shingles Midwest are available in interesting color blends. IKO residential shingles are a top favorite for homeowners due to the color blends and warranty options. Businesses and commercial buildings prefer IKO shingles due to the Advantage sizes available in some of the models. Here are some of the IKO roofs installed with IKO Shingles. Click each image to see more details.

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Olde Town Group

Leading Contractor in Midwest

Olde Town Group

Roofing . Siding . General Contractor

Olde Town Group is a family owned business in the Midwest lead by Sean Vogler. Olde Town Group's services include roofing, siding, windows, gutters, home improvement, commercial roofing, and other services. Olde Town Group has headquarters in Moline, IL and serves customers over 200 miles of Quad Cities. The major cities served are Bloomington, Cedar Rapids, Sterling, Des Moines, Iowa City, and so on. Olde Town Group believes that every customer deserves respect and serves customer with highest respect. Ask for special discounts and offers from Olde Town Group. They also offer additional guarantee on top of manufacturer warranty.

Olde Town Roofing

Roofing Division

Certified Contractor

The roofing division of Olde Town Roofing, is a certified Shield Pro Plus contractor from IKO. Olde Town Roofing has installed IKO's residential shingles such as the IKO Dynasty, IKO Cambridge, IKO Armourshake, and other shingles on hundreds of roofs. They are also a certified SELECT Shingle Master from CertainTeed. Olde Town Group is popular for its instant response, professional installation, and rapid cleanup. Customers prefer Olde Town Group due to their excellent customer service and roofing expertise. They are the largest installers of James Hardie siding for residential and commercial siding in the region. Olde Town Group has skilled contractors and accepts most insurances and financial institutions. Call Olde Town Group at 309-517-1676 or 309-738-5550 for more information.

Connect with Olde Town Group

Here is a brief introduction about Olde Town Roofing from its owner Sean Vogler.